Update SCSI devices:
15:52:39 root@host ~#hwmgr scan scsi
hwmgr: Scan request successfully initiated
Look for last found device:
15:52:51 root@host ~#hwmgr show scsi -type disk | tail -1
687: 51 host disk none 0 14 dsk29 [2/9/18]
Ok. We have new disk: device dsk29, device ID 51.
Look for WWN of device:
15:52:52 root@host ~#hwmgr show scsi -did 51 -full | grep WWID
Check if it really what we presented
Prepare disk:.
15:53:05 root@host ~#disklabel -rw -t advfs dsk29
Create new file domain prod17:
15:53:23 root@host ~#mkfdmn dsk29c prod17
Create new fileset prod17 in file domain prod17:
15:53:37 root@host ~#mkfset prod17 prod17
Create mountpoint:
15:53:49 root@host ~#mkdir /prod17
Mount new filest:
15:53:53 root@host ~#mount -t advfs prod17#prod17 /prod17
Add automount to fstab:
15:54:01 root@host ~#echo "prod17#prod17 /prod17 advfs rw 0 2" >> /etc/fstab
Check space:
15:54:11 root@host ~#df -k /*prod17
Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
prod17#prod17 104857600 16 104851736 1% /prod17