To install using one central depot, where we are not talking about Ignite-UX depots, you need to set up software access lists giving the remote server permissions. It makes so much easier then running around. I load most everything off my CD/DVD using my old workstation under my desk…..

Let’s say you put the software DVD on your central server and mount it up as /SD_CDROM

I tend to do the following (just what I do..)

Stop the swagentd on both boxes.

On the server with the CD/DVD (aka Local)
swreg -l depot /SD_CDROM

On both boxes adjust the access control lists
swacl -l depot -M any_other:crwit
swacl -l host -M any_other:crwit
swacl -l root -M any_other:crwit

Restart your swagent

/usr/sbin/swagentd -r

To check that you can read the CD/DVD you could run:
swlist -d @:/SD_CDROM

Hopefully you get a good response and not an error…

To go to the remote server and run to install from there:
swinstall -s :/SD_CDROM